Month: February 2018

Best Way to Explore New Zealand at Low Cost

Features like mountain vistas, unique wildlife, interesting Maori culture and the pristine beaches has made New Zealand an important destination for a lot of travelers and tourists. But when it comes to traveling around New Zealand, it can be very expensive. Talk of cost of flight, cost of gas, cost of feeding, accommodation, and so […]

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Best Cafes in New Zealand

This amazing wild country called New Zealand is full of great restaurants and cafes that are just waiting for you to explore. When you are in need of a break be sure to check one of them out. In a research around Auckland which is the largest city in New Zealand, I have explored the […]

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Best Cities to Visit in New Zealand

A lot of travelers sees New Zealand not just as a destination they dream of, but also as a place to visit once in their lifetime. Are you a traveller, a tourist or an adventurous person planning to visit New Zealand for the first time, or you re planning a return visit to see the […]

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