3 Best Fishing Spots in New Zealand

New Zealand is such a beautiful place with amazing landscapes, quiet forests and beautiful hiking mountains in the Southern Alps.

However, for those who want to just spend a weekend in a silent area, with sweet birds singing in the morning and wonderful tones from other different different birds in the afternoon, there are some good riverside areas for fishing, with incredible breathtaking panoramas to relax after the journey.

Whakatane, East of Bay of Plenty

Whakatane remains as one of the best all-around fishing spots in New Zealand. For those who love land-based fishing, this place is an easy and fresh place to find albacore tuna, yellowfin or skipjack. Once you are comfortable in this spot, if you visit it during December, January and February, possibly you will find marlins or small sharks. The shoals are smaller on March and April, as they migrate to other waters, so, with difficulty you will find those. However, kingfish or snapper, as well as many other kinds of fish, can be found in the rest of the year normally. This is one of those familiar rivers to go also on boat and settle a fishing camp for a time. If you are looking forward to having a good time with friends or do your weekly reserve of meals, this spot is available.

The Upper Clotha River in Othago

For those with at least 5 years of experience fishing, experts in catching chinook salmon or brown and rainbow trout, this is the most recommended. This river opens in a few lakes, where also some fishermen go for a slow rate of fishing when teaching children or newbies. As this is one of the rivers with the fastest flow in New Zealand, fishers with more preparation and knowledge will how to easily catch lunch treasures like salmon and perch, as the amount rate and success of catching is very high. As you probably know, this kind of fish swim against the flow, the idea is to camp in the upper side of the river for a few hours and eventually take a short rest on the riverside.

Gisborne, Eastland

If you’re that kind of adventurer that always has equipment ready to hang out, this place is definitely for you. The Gisborne River has plenty of cod and snapper. This river provides many species of fish and is many safe spots to complete the journey. Your trip does not have to be short if your heading up to this river, but as most of fishermen in this spot catch a good number of fish, they do not spend more than half an hour before leaving. Nevertheless, there are some others in Gisborne that can spend a complete morning and grill some of their fish in the afternoon.

Gisborne, Eastland

Fishing in New Zealand is an experience that can help us to make new friends and gain more knowledge about the universe of fishing. Some people not always catch as much as they want, sometimes they even do not get a single fish, but it is said that some other have found love or wonderful moments in family. Going to any of these rivers is such a experience and whether you go fishing or just spending a time to share with your most beloved ones, are moments to never forgive, with the always dawns that steals us a time to take selfies and pin them up in our lives.