5 Best Places For Entertainment In New Zealand

If you are visiting New Zealand for the very first time, brace up because you are about to witness one of the finest natural landmasses in the world. There are so many places where you can spend a good time in New Zealand, and here is our pick of the best five places for quality entertainment in New Zealand.

5 Best Places For Entertainment In New Zealand

Milford Sound

Also known as the “eighth wonder of the world,” Milford Sound is one of the top tourist destinations in New Zealand. Milford Sound is at the Fiordland national park surrounded by sea hides, sharp interior bays framed by rocks that rise above 1200 meters. The park also has plenty cascading waterfalls and thick rain forests. You might be wondering what’s entertaining about this park. Firstly, you will get to the park by plane or helicopter which is the first start as you will enjoy the magnificent views of the landscape. Then when you arrive the Fiord, there are plenty scenic cruises available for you, you can also book the underwater observatory boats and enjoy a cruise through the dark marine life. You will also get to see several Seals, penguins, dolphins and sometimes whales in the waters.

The Milford Track

This is another great place for a good time in New Zealand. You will enjoy the walk through a set of well-nurtured hiking tracks that was designed to help you enjoy the view of some of the country’s best scenic areas. From here you will get to see some of the country’s cool water bodies on board comfortable and well-equipped cabins specially maintained for tourists.

Tongariro National Park

The Tongariro National Park is New Zealand’s first national park and a renowned World Heritage with three major peaks; Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro. This place is famous for its tracks, the Tongariro Alpine crossing that cuts through an amazing volcanic terrain that is still very active until today. There are so many ways to have fun in this park; you can walk through its famous routes and enjoy the magnificent views of the steam vents, lively colored lakes that flow through the landscape.

Rotorua Geothermal Zone

Few hours’ drive from Auckland lays one of the world’s primary geothermal areas with a large variety of hot springs, geysers, and Maori cultural attractions. You wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing the Polynesia spa which was frequently voted as one of the best spas in the world. The spa offers alkaline bath in rock pools of different temperature. You can also spend time in the hot springs at Wai-O-Tapu located at the geothermal high road of SH5; here you will enjoy the different types of thermal pools and bubbling mud and even inhale the strong sulfur scent.


You cannot go to New Zealand without visiting Queenstown. Queenstown has plenty exotic restaurants, clubs, bars and outdoor hangouts. You will enjoy some of the country’s best delicacies with fresh from the farm ingredients. You will also enjoy some of the best countryside music at the outdoor music bars in Queenstown.