Auckland, City of Sailors

To learn the history of Auckland we must read about its creation through the Maori legends. It is part of an ancient love story that sparked a fierce battle of enchantments. The battle between two iwis (tribes) created deep cracks in the earth, pushing up the numerous volcanic cones scattered throughout the region today.

The area of ​​Auckland is an area with very fertile soils and abundant resources, these natural resources are what attracted the waka (canoes) of the tribes from all over the country to trade with the people of Auckland.

It is said that sometimes there were hundreds of canoes in the ports of Auckland which gave the region another name: Tamaki Herenga Waka – Tamaki is the canoe collector. Today these waters are still full but of boats and that is why Auckland is known worldwide as “The City of Sails”.

One of the things that makes Auckland so special is the mixture of cultures, and this diversity is reflected in gastronomy, parties, art, and music. In the 1890s the city was very cosmopolitan, where dozens of languages ​​could be heard through its bustling streets as a result of its new European, Chinese and Hindu inhabitants.

After the Second World War, many Europeans were attracted, from Hungary, the Netherlands and Yugoslavia. Many people from rural areas seeking work in the city. So in 1960, Auckland was in all its glory.

Today, Auckland is the largest Polynesian city in the world and one of the largest cities in the Pacific. Around 56% are of European descent, 11% Maori, 13% of the Pacific Islands and 12% of Asia. Auckland sits on more than 40 extinct volcanoes, which have been used as recreational areas on which you can enjoy its magnificent views.

The dominant feature of the city is to be flanked by two ports: Manukau Port, open to the Tasman Sea and Waitemata Port, deep water in the center of the city. This city has been concerned to keep intact its urban past heritage.

In this way, today you can see several buildings of the colonial era preserved and restored. Being a gateway to nature, the best of Auckland is its wide range of offers to everyone’s taste, with great beaches, adventure, shopping, lively nightlife, and incredible cultural diversity.

Of course, this extraordinary city is one of the most popular and important in the world, in fact, it is because it is modern and very vibrant, it is famous for being a clean city, for having magnificent and beautiful landscapes, in addition, thousands of kind people who make Auckland their home.

This is why it is very desired by tourists; it is also the city with the least pollution in New Zealand, which is very important, this means that you breathe pure and clean air. You must know Auckland more deeply and what better way than visiting it, you will be satisfied with this wonderful city.