Best Cities to Visit in New Zealand

A lot of travelers sees New Zealand not just as a destination they dream of, but also as a place to visit once in their lifetime. Are you a traveller, a tourist or an adventurous person planning to visit New Zealand for the first time, or you re planning a return visit to see the beauty of this great and wild country? It is very important for you to know which cities and places to visit while in New Zealand. Here are my top picks

Milford Sounds

This region is in New Zealand was nicknamed “the eight wonder of the world” by Rudyard Kipling. A visit to this place will make you understand why it was Nicknamed so. The landscape around Milford sound was formed during the Ice Age by glaciers and still has the evidence that it was created in epic scenery form. Milford sound is best seen using a boat. A visit to Milford Discovery Center and Underwater Observatory, fantastic views of wildlife such as Penguins, and dolphins are some of the lifetime experiences.


Not only is Auckland the largest city in New Zealand, it is also the best! and undoubtedly, one place to be visited. It has an international airport where a lot of international flights arrives, making the city an ideal place to start your exploration of the country. While you are in Auckland, you may want to :

  • Visit the Art Gallery which is the biggest art institution in New Zealand. The gallery contains over 15000 historical, modern and contemporary artworks.
  • Visit the Auckland Domain Park which is about 185acre. It is best visited on Saturdays be cause you will have the opportunity to enjoy the services of a nearby market “Parnell Farmers’ Market” that sells fresh farm produces very early. The Domain Park is best to visit under bright weather.

Waiheke Island

This is a small city that is located just about 30minutes sail by both from Auckland, and it is one of the best places to visit for an unforgettable experience in New Zealand. The island is located in the heart of Hauraki Gulf house and has a lot of vineyards. The wines gotten from the vineyards of this island will make you thirst for more, and if you want to eat, you will get the best food ever at Mudbrick Vineyard Restaurant. Should you decide to stay overnight, Delamore Lodge is there for you. Vibrant art community, forest, olive groves and breaches are some of the famous attractions and features of this Island.

Bay of Island

For water sports such as fishing, sailing, water diving, etc, the Bay of Island is the perfect place to be. If you are driving a car, the Island is just about three hours drive from Auckland. There are so many activities to be carried on the water, you can even try scuba diving!.


With its reputation as the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown which is located on the Southwestern side of the South Island of New Zealand is a place to be during the spring and or winter seasons. The town is known for adventurous activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, river rafting, etc.