Best Eight Restaurants in New Zealand

If you ever find yourself in New Zealand, never you worry about food because you are about to be treated with tasty cuisines that will blow your mind away. They are plenty restaurants where you can now find talented Kiwi Chefs who are coming up with innovative delicacies, tasty wines and sweet desserts in restaurants around New Zealand. The place is fast rising as one of the strongholds in the world of fine cuisines. There is a food revolution going on in New Zealand and it is largely inspired by local and international chefs, dedicated producers of food and wines and veteran food artists who have taken it upon themselves to take the food culture in New Zealand to the next level. Without much ado, we bring you the top restaurants in New Zealand where you are sure to have a good meal.


If you are a fan of fresh food, then this is the right place to be. This restaurant showcases their g=fresh produce grown on their farm which is located 30 minutes north of downtown Auckland. Their menu is described as “European dishes with a local fee.” You will be treated to a light, seasonal meal that will make your taste buds want to remain in New Zealand.

The Sugar Club

This classy restaurant is located 53 floors above the city of Auckland in the Sky Tower. The restaurant main chef Peter Gordon showcases the best New Zealand farm produce cooked with some of the most exciting ingredients from across the globe. You are sure to have a nice time here.

The French Cafe

If you are looking for a restaurant with a holistic approach to their meal, then you should try the French Café. Everything here is great, the food, the atmosphere, the environment all come together to give off a wonderful experience. This is one of the top-notch restaurants that have in their closet so many awards of excellence.


Every meal is cooked with care and creativity to marvel your taste buds. If you are a foodie, then you should try out SidArt. The flavours and aroma alone will blow your mind away.

Poderi Crisci

This is a rustic Italian restaurant managed by the legendary Antonio Crisci, you will enjoy delicious Italian cuisines and fresh wines here in a setting that looks like a picnic. The place is very quiet and is known as one of Auckland’s finest restaurants.


Enjoy your meal in a garden, the elegance and decoration of the restaurant alone will fill you up. The restaurant serves delicious meals and you cannot fail to visit whenever you find yourself in Waiheke.

Elephant Hill Winery & Restaurant

If you are looking for a perfect place to relax and enjoy world-class wines and contemporary European inspired cuisine while overlooking the iconic form of Cape Kidnappers, then you should visit the Elephant Hill Winery & Restaurant.


This place serves the best seasonal local produce and seafood. The meals here are cooked with fresh ingredients and the josper charcoal-fired oven. You will also enjoy the natural views of the Wellington Waterfront while you eat your meal.