Best Time of Year to Travel to New Zealand

New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere. Being on what most people living in Northern hemisphere consider the opposite side of the world, the seasons here are a bit different. When the snow is piling high in Michigan, the people in NZ are busy sunning themselves on the beaches. Since New Zealand is an island, there is frequently a breeze and intermittent showers coming off the Cook Strait and Tasman Sea.

New Zealand

Summer – Warm and Bustling

Summer in New Zealand is by far the most popular time to take your journey. It’s the busy time of the year in New Zealand for tourism as well as when a lot of Kiwis take some time away to take a breather and enjoy living in paradise. Especially between the months of December to February you’ll see people at the beach, hiking in the forest or biking on cycling trails. It’s a popular time of year for getting outside in nature, and experiencing life at a more sluggish tempo.

  • The month of December marks the beginning of the season. The days start reaching their longest hours, making for plenty of time to start adventuring.
  • January is the warmest month. Tons of summer events take place during this time of the year.
  • February is a popular month, races and triathlons are held every week.

Autumn/Fall – Perfect for Hiking

Fall in New Zealand is gorgeous. It’s one of the best times to plan your New Zealand vacation since the summer crowds have left, the attractions charge off peak rates, and the weather is amazing.

  • Characterised by late-summer and warm days, it’s common to get a few hot days in March
  • The month of April marks the beginning of Fall/Autumn. Every street is filled with beautiful colours as the leaves change colour on the trees.
  • May – Early-winter, temperature dropping, but still some beautiful days.


It’s awesome to be in New Zealand during winters! An amazing time to come winter hiking in New Zealand – the trails are quiet and the mountains all around are snow-capped. June marks the official beginning of the season. It’s also time for Queenstown Winter Festival, a great event held annually with plenty of activities for the whole family. In July ski fields are opened. It’s an amazing time of year to hike the backcountry valley trails. August is one of the best months for snow sports.

Winter in New Zealand


The clocks spring forward, the sun warms up and the days are longer. This is the perfect time to take in the beauty of Lake Tekapo and see a traditional Maori Haka on a tour Takahe South Island. September, a month of late winter, witness the first appearance of blossoms. October, experiences a change in air pattern. The days become warmer and daylight hours become long. November is the month of mid-spring and gets little bit windy on occasion.

Now the question arises what is the best time to visit the country? With such a temperate climate, any time is a good time.