Get the Ultimate Road Trip on New Zealand

New Zealand, in Oceania, located 2000 km southeast of Australia, is one of the most fascinating places on the planet. Formed by two main islands, the North Island and the South Island, its natural wealth is given by its geological formations and flora and fauna in which the endemic species stand out.

Of its main islands, the South Island is the one with the largest surface and in which the New Zealand Alps are located. This more mountainous island has several peaks over 3,000 m, such as Mount Cook, as well as glaciers, fjords, lakes, and forests.

On the other hand, the North Island is characterized by its volcanic activity, less mountainous geography and by hosting the capital and major cities of New Zealand, so, you have options, would you rather explore cities or travel cross-country?

This country is a paradise to enjoy nature and is also one of the places with the best quality of life in the world. Its landscapes and surroundings inspire the practice of outdoor sports and adventure of all kinds. But in addition, that inspiration has also reached the film industry, since these islands have been sagas such as the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Undoubtedly, New Zealand invites to be explored, to be carried away by an open spirit to new emotions, nature and a culture that, although it is influenced by the old European settlers, knows how to maintain its ancestral origins, and this is demonstrated by the important tradition of the Maori people.

Road Trip is The Best Trip

Any travel plan is valid, but the possibility of making a road trip to New Zealand through a caravan or rental car can be key to live a more intense experience. Exploring their islands traveling on their roads freely has the advantages of being able to organize times in a much more personalized way, choosing where to travel, what to see, where to make stops

Points of Interest

Bay of Islands is a subtropical marine park formed by 144 islands and a coastal environment with kauris forests and turquoise water beaches. Here are places that are sacred to the Maori culture, such as Cape Reinga. Waitomo, in this quiet town you can find the Ruakuri and Aranui caves, famous for their spectacular nature and the fireflies.

Rotorua is the place to go and see the volcanic activity of the island through the eruptions of its geysers and where to rest go and relax in its thermal baths and spas. Wellington is the New Zealand capital, located in the south of the North Island, a cultural and film center, as it has studios and facilities for filming films.

Pancake Rocks is located along the west coast of this island, in Punakaiki, these geological formations are the result of the erosion of the sea, making the rocks appear to be formed by a multitude of superimposed layers, such as pancake towers or pancakes, hence its name.