Glacier Walks in New Zealand

New Zealand is well-known as one of the most interesting countries in the world. The island state is placed on the map just near Australia but the nature and traditions here are very different. The Maori people were the main local civilization until colonists came. The good thing is that colonization left the indigenous groups in peace and we can still see even today the Maori culture and civilization. But one of the most interesting facts about this country is the nature. The diversity here is amazing and you will definitely see some animals that live only here. One of the most beautiful activities you can do here is a glacier walk. Even though New Zealand looks like a rather temperate to tropical country from distance, it has some of the most amazing glaciers in the world. We have listed some of the best glacier walks here in order to make your stay even more interesting.

Largest Glaciers

The Tasman glacier is one of the largest in this country. It covers a surface of more than 20 kilometers and the only way to get on it is by plane or helicopter. The flight until the glacier is simply amazing because this place is surrounded by the highest peaks in New Zealand. After the short flight you will walk on frozen water that is millions of years old. The simple fact that you do this is amazing. The view is breath-taking because wherever you look you will see the highest mountains in this country. The main advantage here is that there are not many people walking on this glacier because it is a bit more difficult to get here.  It is definitely a place worth visiting.

Great Hiking Glaciers

Fox glacier is another great place for hiking. It is a smaller glacier that is also suitable for less sporty people that are hiking for the first time. There are many interesting tracks where you can go but it is highly recommended that you go only in the ones that suit your hiking skills in order to make sure that you will be safe.

Franz Josef glacier is a great place for hiking. It offers many trails that are linked with other glaciers and valleys and some portions are even wheel-chair accessible. The glacier is quite large, and it is a true pleasure to see the surrounding landscape. It is a very good area for family activities and it is also suitable for people going on a glacier hike for the first time.

The Lake Matheson trail is one of the busiest in the country because this lake is one of the most photographed lakes in the country. It is a pure pleasure to sit an enjoy the view. It is also one of the most accessible trails in the country. The trail can be enjoyed by people of all ages and there are also may companies that offers tours here. It is very good to learn about how the glaciers are formed and about the history of the places.