New Zealand and Lord of the Rings

New Zealand is one of the most amazing countries in the world. It has an amazing history and breath-taking landscapes that have captivated many people over time. This island country has one of the most diverse natural landscapes in the world and it is a destination for many nature enthusiasts. Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular trilogies in history. The book was translated in almost all the languages in the world and it is one of the staple best-sellers. The movies that were produced based on these books are still some of the most loved series of all time. Many people were captivated by the locations that were showed in this movie and often people believed that they were the result of special effects. The truth is that most of the filming locations were in New Zealand and this is why most of them seem to be out of this world. After the movies, many people wanted to see these locations themselves and booked a flight to this amazing country. We have listed some of the filming locations that can be found in New Zealand in order to help you visit the locales that caught your eye while watching the movies.

Mount Ngauruhoe

This is one of the most beautiful locations. In the movie, it was called mount doom where the main character Frodo Baggins had to go to get rid of the cursed ring. The hiking tracks to get there is quite easy and the view is just amazing. You will be able to see one of the most interesting filming locations of the series.


Surprisingly this is actually a real place in New Zealand. After the filming was over, the producers left the place untouched in order to allow fans to enjoy a drink at the Green Dragon and to visit the houses of the Shire. It is one of the coolest places for fans and there are many Lord of the Rings tours that will take you here. It is the perfect place to take pictures and to try to live just like the small inhabitants from the story.

Kawarau Gorge

Easily one of the most beautiful natural landscapes from the movie. Better known by the fans as Anduin River, this place is still full of fantasy. It is also a great place to relax and to imagine how the giants greeted the characters from the movie.

Kepler Mire

Also known as the home of the Gollum. This awesome place remains just like it was during the filming, so you will definitely be fascinated by the view here. It is very nice to go to the place where some of the most important characters from the series met.


This is the location where the tower of Saruman existed in the movie. Even if the tower was added after the filming, it is an amazing place to visit. Follow the footsteps of Gandalf and admire one of the most beautiful landscapes in New Zealand.