Three Best Hikes Locations in New Zealand

New Zealand is filled with misted mountains, emerald fjords, cascading waterfalls, miles of empty black and white sand beaches and ancient fern-ridden forests. If you are looking for the best place to go for a thrilling hike, grab your rain jacket, boots and backpack as we take you through the best hike locations in New Zealand.

Mueller Hut Route, Mount Cook National Park, South Island

One place you can visit for a wonderful hike is the snow-capped dome of Mount Cook. This Mount is New Zealand’s tallest peak, the Mount stands at the height of about 12,316 feet and dominates the glaciated terrain and rises above the part to Mueller Hut. The Mueller hut is a spare red trekker’s hut that cantilevered into the side of a screen slope on the high alpine plateau. Hiking on this mount, you will enjoy a three-mile hike from the valley floor and the floor is steep and switched back, giving you the chance to stop occasionally and enjoy the gracious view of the valley’s braided river system and the bright blue glacial pools that formed from melt water at the foot of the mountain.

After you have walked past the tussock Sealy tarns, you will move over to a huge field of loose talus to the plateau ridge which is about 6,000 feet. Once you reach the hut, you will be given a bunk and then settle in to enjoy the meditative sunset views to the iconic Mount Cook summit and the valley below it.  You will be greeted by katabatic winds and the occasional sound of thunder that marks distant avalanche. This mount is only hiked by the brave and dogged hikers.

Mt. Victoria Trails, Wellington, North Island

This is the best place to hike within the city. New Zealand is renowned for huge stretches of rough, bucolic terrains with plenty livestock. Wellington, the Kiwi’s capital city with over 450, 000 occupants is filled with semi-wild green hill broken by town belts which are reserved for aesthetics and recreation since 1840. They are lots of paths through these hills where you can hike through on a sunny day. The best hike location is Mount Victoria, this Mount is easily accessed from the city centre and you can choose your path along the winding turns of the 6.8-mile southern walkways and as you walk towards the mount, you will leave behind the sounds of the city and be covered beneath a thick canopy in the mountains. If you move through the path to 643-foot Mount Victoria summit, you will be welcomed with the best view atop wellington and you will watch boats that are sailing into the harbour. You can end your hike here or continue your trek over miles of connecting trails through the city’s hill.

Kepler Track, Fiordland National Park, South Island

Another amazing location for a good hiking trip is the Fiordland National Park. You will be awakened by a fairly-tale blanket of white clouds hovering an invisible mountain-covered Lake Te Anau when you spend the night at Luxmore Hut. You can then begin your day walking down one of new Zealand’s fame Great walks on a four-day Kepler Track. You will be joined by other groups of enthusiastic hikers as you move through the Tussock-lined ridge amid the frosted alpine peaks that are rising steeply out of the south fiord of the lake.